Lithuanian Girls: Tall, Gorgeous and Cold

By Maverick · August 12, 2014

I’ve always wanted to visit the Baltics. After having spent here around ten months (one month in Estonia, two months in Latvia and seven months in Lithuania), I can certainly say that I absolutely love the region. It’s completely different from the surrounding areas (Central Europe to the West and Russia to the East). When it […]

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Long ago, a friend with whom I started a small business, made an accurate observation after scrutinizing my work ethic. He told me that I’m the type of guy who can only succeed by working under a demanding boss or dictator. He arrived to that conclusion after noticing me constantly coming late to the office […]

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Is There A Country With The Perfect Women?

By Maverick · July 24, 2014

When I initially sat out to travel, my overarching goal was to live a happier and more fulfilling life. And a big part of that is being surrounded with more attractive and friendlier women. I absolutely knew that somewhere there was a world replete with beautiful, feminine and easily approachable women. I can certainly say […]

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When I think about the places that I’ve lived, I often think about the places I never want to return to. One of them is San Francisco. I’ve lived there for many years while working in various tech companies in the area. I hate San Francisco. I hate everything about it. I hate it with […]

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How To Be A Successful Love Tourist

By Maverick · June 11, 2014

There are few things in life that are as rewarding as flying into a foreign country, meeting a beautiful exotic woman, and then waking up next to her in her cozy apartment in the center of some colonial city. It’s an amazing feeling that I’ve experienced on several occasions in various countries around the world. As […]

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European Women vs. American Women

By Maverick · June 5, 2014

It was around three years ago that I boarded a plane to Iceland and began a quick tour of the continent, visiting 20 countries over the summer. Afterwards, I slowed down my travel pace and began living months at a time in various cities. I’ve long reached a point where I prefer Europe to America, and, not […]

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How To Handle Ball Busters and Shit Tests

By Maverick · June 3, 2014

I was once in a nice cafe in Budapest, Hungary. When the waitress asked for my drink order, I ordered orange juice. The waitress appeared confused, then regained her composure and mumbled few words in response. I assumed she wanted to clarify my order, so I just nodded to my head. She returned and brought me […]

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Lessons In Game From Ancient Rome

By Maverick · May 30, 2014

The other day I was watching an episode of Rome, a TV series set in the 1st century BC, during Ancient Rome‘s transition from Republic to Empire. It’s a great series that guys should check out (along with these other shows). The show is pretty graphic. As you can already guess, there’s lots of fighting, lots of blood, and lots of […]

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8 Traits Of A Perfect Woman

By Maverick · May 28, 2014

I love women. And since I spent a lot of time either chasing, seducing or writing about them, I feel I have a pretty good grasp about what makes a woman truly perfect. In no particular order, here are the characteristics of a perfect woman: The perfect woman must be attractive. First and foremost, the perfect woman must […]

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Last summer, after traveling and living in Bulgaria, Turkey and Ukraine, I flew to Lithuania and rented a cozy apartment in the center of the capital, Vilnius. Feeling burned out from endless travel and constantly chasing women, I sat down and began writing some of the thoughts that were simmering inside my brain during the previous seven years […]

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