The Woman Should Never Be The Goal

By Maverick · April 15, 2014  — 5 Comments

Back when I lived in California, my ex-roommate and I used to frequent a posh sushi place in a nice part of town. Although all the waitresses were gorgeous, my friend had an affinity for a specific one. She was cute, even resembling the punk singer Avril Lavigne. He was slowly building courage to ask […]

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The Bitter The Struggle, The Sweeter The Reward

By Maverick · April 11, 2014  — 1 Comment

I hate snow. I hate freezing cold weather. I hate winter. I hate spending half an hour dressing up in several layers every time I need to step outside. So, naturally, for the past several years, I’ve made it my mission to avoid spending time in any place that barred me from wearing shorts in […]

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Over seven years ago, I quit my programming job at a promising startup. The decision was anything but easy and straightforward, but nevertheless ended up being the absolute right choice in the long run. My job certainly wasn’t the worst in the world. It came with lavish perks. The office was spacious and airy; it had […]

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After dinner, I invited Irina back to my place for some drinks and relaxation. She agreed without any hesitation. We met three weeks ago after I approached her at a Kiev metro station. Ever since, I liked everything about her. I enjoyed discussing with her various topics with the same intensity that I enjoyed looking […]

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How I Get Shit Done: The Power Through Method

By Maverick · April 4, 2014  — 3 Comments

Several years ago I needed to complete a large and difficult task. Simply thinking about the task made me feel more and more hopeless; in my mind, that task represented nothing but “blob of mush” that I had no way of dividing and conquering; the project didn’t seem to have a beginning, middle or end. […]

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The Lithuanian Girl In The Supermarket

By Maverick · March 27, 2014  — 8 Comments

The bus approached my stop at the outskirts of town. Most of the people began exiting, obscuring my vision of a particular passenger. I got up and exited the bus. After walking to the intersection, I noticed a familiar silhouette walking in the distance. I was relieved; I hadn’t lost her after all. She was […]

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5 Things I Don’t Like About America

By Maverick · March 24, 2014  — 7 Comments

1) Everyone is glued to smartphones On my first day in New York, after a long time abroad, I was simply astonished at the pervasiveness of smartphones in American society. It’s truly mind-boggling. Almost everyone is constantly glued to that handheld device with a touchscreen: on the buses, the trains, coffee shops, streets, etc. Even […]

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If You Hit A Wall, Stop Everything And Start Over

By Maverick · March 20, 2014  — 2 Comments

Few years ago, after successfully finishing an important project, I decided to reward myself by going out with the sole purpose of gaming women, anywhere and anytime. My day game was already decent, but I was determined to make it bulletproof. Things were going great for several weeks. Having just completed a project, hitting on […]

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Is Direct Game A Hollywood Myth?

By Maverick · March 19, 2014  — 6 Comments

A guy suddenly sees an attractive girl walking in the distance. He collects his courage and stops her. He compliments her on her appearance, tells her that he finds her attractive, and asks for her number in order to see her again. The girl, feeling ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy, blushes and quickly gives out […]

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Choose Your Friends Carefully

By Maverick · March 17, 2014  — 6 Comments

There’s a saying that “you’re an average of your five closest friends.” Personally, I think it’s much simpler than that: I think that you’re closest to the single person with whom you spend most of your time. Long before I embarked on my traveling adventures, I was just a regular guy in my mid-20s living […]

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